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KRYKARD is a brand promoted by Alacrity Electronics Limited since 1983 and is synonymous with products in the line of Energy Management. KRYKARD Load Managers are a result of pioneering steps taken by Alacrity Electronics Limited to offer the Indian industry with more dependable and accurate options in place of conventional metering. The range of KRYKARD Load Managers include microprocessor based meters for multi-parameter measurements and multi-function options in a single instrument to meet the energy management demands of any industry.


  • 1989 - First to launch portable power, energy and demand analysers and market successfully across the country.
  • 1993 - Launched the concept of 'LOAD MANAGER' with the first microprocessor based panel meters with communication features - PLM series. Simultaneously also launched a new range of Portable Load Managers - ALM Series and Nanovip Series
  • 1994 - Installed the first PC based Energy Monitoring network of meters using 'AlEnSoft' software that was developed in-house.
  • 1997 - Launched Flush mountable Load Managers as ALEN series
  • 1998 - Launched new portable models of ALM and Nanovip series for measuring harmonics
  • 2001 - Launched ALEN 6200 series with modular design, powerful communication and high accuracy
  • 2004 - Launched new portable ALM 30 series to meet the demands of accurate and reliable measurements even on non-linear loads
  • 2004 - Launched new PLM Cube series offering cost-effective solution with expandable I/O ports, better accuracy and safety features.
  • 2005-Launched ALM 10, a single-CT power quality analyser for comprehensive machinery analysis of power, energy, harmonics and waveforms
  • 2006-Launched ALM 8, a single-CT low cost power quality analyzer for power, energy and harmonics measurement
  • 2006-Launched the new PLM Cube 300 series for load-end energy monitoring with RS-485 port, the first of its kind in India
  • 2006-Launched the PLM Cube 400 series for feeder/ substation monitoring with power, energy, demand and individual harmonics measurements.

Today, there are more than 8,000 installations of KRYKARD Load Managers across the country.

  • KRYKARD is the registered trademark of Alacrity Electronics Limited (AEL). LOAD MANAGER is the generic name created by AEL for its range of electrical power & energy measuring instruments. PLM series and ALM Series are sub-brands used by AEL for the panel mounted and portable range of Load Managers respectively.
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